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Your cargo bike at your fingertips.

It's official, the TreeBike app is now available on the AppStore and PlayStore!

What is SmartBike? Simply your new daily essential.

Connect your Treebike to your smartphone and enjoy a green and sporty connected experience!

Its features ?

  • An integrated GPS tracker to keep an eye on your bike wherever you are.

  • A battery indicator updated in real time so you're never left on the sidelines.

  • A history of your rides to help you reach your physical effort goals and evaluate your progress.

  • Precise tracking and maintenance notifications to keep your bike in tip-top shape for safe riding.

  • Interactive GPS to optimise your trips in real time and avoid traffic jams.

  • An audible alarm to prevent your bike from being stolen.

  • Notifications to inform you of abnormal movements of your bike.

  • Accurate weather forecasts to keep your bike dry, cool and safe.

  • A pre-completed theft report for worry-free reporting.

  • A dark mode to take care of your eyes after dark.

Leave with peace of mind, don't waste any more time, ride with confidence!

Download Smartbike.

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