equipped with electric assistance


FamilyBike mini

First, for your children from 1 to 4 years old, the FamilyBike kids and its colored cover will be your ally.

Subsequently, when your children grow up, you just need to change to the box, adapted to the needs of older children.

from 2 990 € tax included


Perfectly suited to children and parents alike, it is the ideal scooter for pleasant and safe journeys.

The FamilyBike is also available in black. Elegant and sober, it appeals to everyone.


from 2 990 € tax included

from € 2,990 tax included



It is the ideal partner for all

the delivery men! Packages move safely and the TreeBike goes everywhere,

even in closed quarters

traffic or blocked by traffic.

from € 3,450 tax included


Even more innovative and absolutely exclusive, the CargoSkate pushes the concept even further. The skate version of cargo bikes is infinitely available, according to your needs!


It is the 100% ecological solution and totally in tune with the times for your transport and your brand promotions.

_KRS0654 copie.jpg

From € 6,500 tax included

From € 2,990 tax included

DSC00499 2.jpg


We also offer personalized FoodSkate in your brand colors and logo.

The perfect mobile companion for your events, fairs and/or street food that guarantees you ecological and safe trips.

from 7 355  tax included