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TreeBike offers a solution to the problems of mobility, congestion and pollution experienced by large cities.

To do this, the brand has developed a range of tricycles, all equipped with electric assistance. These cargo bikes are intended for family or professional use depending on the model.

Each TreeBike product adapts to the needs of its user, both individuals and companies

  • To deliverers in order to cover the last kilometers for deliveries in town to places that are not easily accessible

  • To the various traders in order to have a space-saving and mobile stall: ice cream parlors, coffee shops or "food trucks" for example

  • To commercial companies in order to promote their brand (brand activation)

  • To caterers wishing to be active in events

  • For people wishing to safely transport one or two children, groceries, a pet, parcels or even luggage. Two versions of FamilyBike: the FamilyBike mini for children up to 3 years old and then, when they grow up, it will be easy for you to come to us to change the box to the classic FamilyBike more suitable for children from 3 years old.


The TreeBike product range is exclusively made up of electrically assisted tricycles and 100% electric skateboards.


Suitable for family, cargo and food.

The range has been developed to provide the most suitable, innovative and highest quality solutions for different uses.

Our products have an average range of 60 km depending on the type of use, they are all blocked (for safety reasons) at 25 km/h.

We offer a multitude of leasing options and maintenance contracts. All of our products are guaranteed for 2 years and you receive free Touring Assistance for the first year.

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