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The BXL TOUR takes place on Sunday, June 16

The BXL TOUR returns on Sunday 16 June 2024 for its 8th edition. Visit Brussels' most emblematic neighbourhoods in this unmissable in a festive atmosphere. Whether you are an experienced cyclist or a passionate amateur, the BXL TOUR offers routes for all levels.

We tell you all about it here:

Master: reserved for cyclists affiliated to a recognised cycling association or federation. This 40 km course requires a minimum average speed of of 40 km/h and a minimum age of 19 years.

Cyclo: this 40 km course is open to persons aged 12 and over and is divided into 4 subcategories based on dd average speed:

  • 9.10am: start CYCLO +35km

  • 9.20 am: CYCLO 30-35km start

  • 9.30am: CYCLO 25-30km/h start

  • 9.40am: CYCLO start 20-25km/h

Riding: if you have an electric bike, this is the category that is of interest to jour. The course is 32km long and requires a speed of 16km/h. The minimum age to participate is 12 years.

Paracycle: this category is for handbikes, tricycles and tandems and is only for people with limited mobility. For this option requires a UCI licence. The course is 40 km long with a minimum speed of 25 km/h.

The specific regulations for each category are available on the BXL TOUR WEBSITE.

As for the course, the start will be given at the Place des Palais, accessible via Brussels Park. From there, ride through the emblematic streets until you reach the finish line at the Atomium.

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