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Delivery by cargo bike

Tired of being stuck in traffic jams when making deliveries? We have the solution for you: opt for a cargo bike! Whether you use a two- or a three-wheeler, equipped with a bin at the front or a bike trailer at the back, a cargo bike will allow you to make faster and more ecological deliveries in the city centre. Discover the multiple advantages in this article.

  • Smoother, greener transport

With cargo bikes you don't have to worry about rising petrol prices. The bike runs on the energy of the delivery person with the help of the electric battery. After each day's delivery, the batteries can be charged for the next day. Important to know: the batteries are detachable. No need to leave the cargo bike connected to a terminal, you can take your battery and recharge it at home. The bicycle is also a much less polluting means of transport. In addition, this means of transport reduces noise pollution.

  • No more hours lost in traffic jams

Unlike a truck or van, the cargo bike fits into the smallest of corners. A way to make the most of the time and the number of deliveries per day. Although it is easier to park a bike, you still have to be careful not to disturb the traffic or the path.

  • Faster delivery

This advantage obviously follows from the previous point. If you lose less time in traffic you can make more deliveries and therefore be faster. The bicycle covers a smaller area than a truck could, but it ensures that the delivery is on time. In the city, the maximum speed limit for vehicles is 30 km/h. Cargo bikes can reach 25 km/h, which can compete with cars.

  • Heavy transport load

Are your products bulky or heavy? Don't worry, the front bins of the cargo bikes can carry a load equivalent to 180 kg. As far as volume is concerned, the CargoBike FlyBox has a capacity of 420 litres. No more excuses for not making your deliveries by cargo bike.

  • Personalizing your cargo bike

It is important that your company is recognisable on your bikes when they are delivered. At TreeBike, you can customize your FlyBox or LugBox by adding a design or simply your logo.

If these benefits have convinced you to switch to cargo bikes as a delivery method, please contact us. We will be happy to help and inform you. You can also find more information on this website.

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