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Change is now!

Did you know that 5 June is "World Environment Day"?

In 2022, this day should no longer go unnoticed.

Pollution, global warming, and loss of natural habitats are global emergencies that we can no longer deny. It is high time to act, no matter what scale we are on !

The purpose of this article is not to lecture you or make you feel guilty, but to make you aware of a few small habits you can adopt daily to reverse the trend.

Today, transport is the priority area for individual actions to reduce our environmental impact.

While transport contributes most to our individual carbon footprint and generates, on average, 271 grams of CO2 per passenger, cycling represents a carbon footprint of only 21 grams of CO2 per km travelled.

In other words, on a planetary level, there is no question of favouring the bicycle!

But that's not all !

Favouring cycling for your daily commute has a multitude of other personal benefits. Whether it's the cost of use and repair, the health benefits, the low risk of death, the reduction in congestion and the reduction in noise pollution, you win on all counts !

With this in mind, our CargoBikes are here to help you make this ecological transition.

Whether for personal, family or professional use, find THE CargoBike that meets YOUR needs!

What are you waiting for ?

The change is now !

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