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Why is an electric bike the perfect gift?

During this festive season, we are always trying to find gifts that will delight our loved ones. We want to give a gift that lasts, a gift that makes sense and that will be used. This year, the TreeBike team has an original idea: why not opt for an electric bike?

In our society of over-consumption, we can see that Christmas presents are becoming increasingly meaningless. We receive things we will never use. We pretend to be happy when we open a present that we don't like. In short, Christmas is not always easy.

That's where the TreeBike team comes in. Our brand has developed a range of tricycles and bicycles, all equipped with electric assistance. Each tricycle is customised to suit any lifestyle. So you can't go wrong with a TreeBike.

Beyond that, giving a Treebike is doing something to support a sustainable future. It's the solution to the mobility, congestion and pollution problems that big cities face.

Secondly, although it may seem obvious, electric cycling keeps you fit. It improves circulation if done for an average of 30 minutes a day.

The electric bike can also be a significant reward for your loved one. It will offer the freedom to go where he or she wants in the most responsible way possible.

Finally, the gift of a TreeBike will make your loved one feel good about the environment, physically and mentally.

So, tempted?

Have a wonderful holiday season.

The TreeBike team.

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