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Cycle subsidies in Belgium: everything you need to know!

Whether you're a private individual or a professional considering buying an electric bike, you should know that Belgium offers grants and other benefits to support your transition to greener mobility.

What are these subsidies, how much are they and how do you get them? TreeBike tells you all about it in this article!

The regions encourage the use of environmentally-friendly modes of transport by offering financial incentives for the purchase of bicycles, whether electric or not. These grants are calculated according to the cost of the bike and the applicant's financial situation.

In Wallonia:

Wallonia offers financial assistance to people who invest in a bicycle for utilitarian travel, such as going to work, shopping or taking children to school. All types of bike are eligible.

The amount of the subsidy varies between 20% and 30% of the price of the bike, including all taxes (VAT). Jobseekers can benefit from a bonus of up to 40%. The amount of the subsidy is adjusted according to the type of bike purchased and the applicant's financial situation, with a ceiling ranging from €50 to €1,250.

You can see the amounts applicable for each situation by clicking here:

There are, however, a few conditions to be met:

  • you must be of legal age,

  • be resident in Wallonia,

  • have purchased your bike between 1 July 2020 and 31 December 2024,

  • you must use at least 40% of your bike for home-to-work journeys,

  • have bought the bike from a professional and be able to provide an invoice.

In Brussels:

With the Bruxell'Air bonus, the Brussels-Capital Region is encouraging motorists to switch from their cars to more sustainable modes of transport.

The maximum amount of the allowance is €900, depending on your personal situation and income.

For full details of how to qualify for the Bruxell'Air allowance, click on the following link:

In Flanders:

Flanders does not offer any grants or tax reductions for the purchase of a bicycle, whether electric or muscle-powered. However, there are schemes in place at more limited levels.

There is, for example, the CCFI (Communauté de communes de Flandre intérieure) bicycle allowance. This subsidy is intended for adult residents of the 50 communes that make up the CCFI and can amount to up to 20% of the purchase price of a bicycle or electric kit. However, a ceiling is applied; for example, for an electric bike, this is set at €200.

If you want to benefit from this bonus, you must buy your bike from a retailer located in the ITAB area.

For online purchases, the bonus will only be granted for the purchase of a cargo bike or a bike adapted for disabled people.

Cargo bikes:

Since January 2024, Wallonia has offered companies a "cargo bike premium" when acquiring equipment specifically dedicated to cyclologistics activities, including bicycles, cargo bikes and bike trailers. These activities include the transport of goods and the provision of professional services requiring the movement of equipment.

The amount of the premium is set at 50% of the invoice amount excluding VAT. The ceiling depends on whether you are buying used or new equipment. For example, for a new cargo bike with electric assistance, the ceiling is set at €5,000.

The purchase must have been made after 1 January 2024.

You can find details of this premium at the following link: (in French)

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