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Start the year on the right foot!

That's it, the holidays are officially over.

It's time to get back to our morning routine.

A coffee, a kiss and endless traffic jams in front of the school gate.

But what if this year we reverse the trend?

Instead of rushing to get to school in time despite the traffic jams, why not opt for a softer mobility solution?

Soft mobility refers to all non-motorised transport such as walking, cycling, rollerblading and all other environmentally friendly forms of transport.

All you have to do is choose!

And even if these solutions don't save you time, think of all the other benefits.

Soft mobility not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions, but also reduces congestion in big cities, gives you physical exercise and a mental break.

In other words, whether it's environmental, physical or mental, you win on all levels!

Moreover, the school is the ideal place to change mentalities and create a collective dynamic.

Our FamilyBike, FamilyBikeMini and BeeBike electric cargo bikes are here to help you get through the day.

Are you joining the movement?

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