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How to use your TreeBike to stay in shape all winter long

Because the cold doesn't stop riders!

Winter is here, but that doesn't mean our cycling escapades have to take a break. With TreeBike, we can turn our winter trips into moments of exercise. We tell you why your TreeBike will become your best ally for staying active and fit, even when the snow's falling.

1. Mastered cold resistance

One of the major advantages of the Treebike in winter is its robust, hard-wearing design. With its high-quality materials and solid construction, the Treebike isn't afraid of the cold. Its stable chassis and grippy tyres mean you can ride with confidence, even on slippery surfaces.

2. Electric assistance: your best friend

Chilly mornings can be a real challenge, but not with the TreeBike's electric assistance! Say goodbye to difficult starts and hello to the ease of electric assistance.

3. The practical option for everyday activities

Whether you're commuting to work, running errands or dropping the kids off at school, the TreeBike makes it easy to do all these daily activities while keeping you active. Its spacious cargo area can easily accommodate your personal belongings or your children.

In conclusion, the TreeBike is much more than just a means of winter transport. It's an invitation to stay active, keep fit and make the most of the season. So put on your gloves, pull on your scarf and set off on an electric cargo bike adventure. 🚲❄️

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