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Customise your TreeBike and ride in style

Whether you're a sportsman or a city dweller, the bicycle has become THE trendy and ecological means of transport. With more and more cyclists on our streets, don't you want to stand out from the crowd?

To stand out and ride in style, here are our suggestions:

1. Stick on stickers

Why not stick your favourite stickers on the box of your TreeBike?

Stickers of your favourite brands or inspiring sentences. Let your creativity guide you!

2. Colour with a spray can

Gold, flash pink or bright yellow. Use a colour spray and get noticed with the most unusual bike in the neighbourhood.

3. Add some flowers to your cubicle

To give your bike a romantic touch, there's nothing better than fake flowers. With the help of a wire or nylon thread, you can attach them to the box of your TreeBike and imagine a pretty combination.

Don't wait any longer and customise your faithful steed!

Once the work is done, you will only want to get on your bike and pedal with your hair blowing in the wind.

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