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An electric bike: a trendy, eco-friendly gift

This festive season, the race for Christmas presents is on.Finding the perfect idea is not always an easy task. This year, the Treebike team joins you in your quest with an original idea: why not give an electric bike ?

Whether it's for your partner, a member of your family or even a friend, the electric bike is proving to be the perfect companion. It offers the person of your choice the chance to get around with ease, enjoy a ride, get to work, and much more. At Treebike, we offer a range of three- and two-wheel bikes, all with electric assistance. Each bike can be customised to make it even more unique to meet your specific needs.

On top of these advantages, offering a Treebike means making a commitment to sustainable travel. It's an extremely effective solution to the pollution and congestion in major cities such as Brussels.

What's more, given that sport is often one of the end-of-year resolutions, using an electric bike is a great way of keeping fit.

By giving a Treebike electric bike as a gift, you're giving your loved one an opportunity to feel good both mentally and physically, while helping to preserve the environment.

To round off the year in an exceptional way, we've decided to provide this gift with a special touch. From 4 to 21 December, take advantage of our special Christmas promotion. When you buy a V2 (new model) family bike, you'll receive a range of gifts, including a rain cover and a carpet.  Offer the gift that will make a lasting impression this festive season.

The Treebike team wishes you all the best for the festive season.

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