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The 10 golden rules for safe cycling.

TreeBike offers a solution to the problems of mobility, congestion, and pollution that large cities face.

However, riding safely in the city means following a few rules !

1. Maintain your bike.

  • Inflate your tyres

  • Check your brakes

  • Grease your chain

  • Test the headlights

2. Master your bike.

Make sure you know how to ride straight, turn and brake safely.

3. Respect the rules of the road.

Yes! Cyclists are also obliged to obey the rules of the road. In other words, stop signs, red lights, yield signs, pedestrian crossings...

And as for car drivers, you should NOT use your mobile phone while driving and you should NOT ride under the influence of alcohol !

4. Get the right equipment.

Don't forget :

  • your helmet

  • your fluorescent waistcoat

These two accessories are not compulsory, but we strongly recommend them !

5. Ride on cycle paths when they exist.

Bikes do not belong on pavements.

If there are no cycle paths, ride on the right and respect the safety distances.

6. Watch out for blind spots !

Keep in mind that drivers are not always able to see you.

7. Do not pass cars on the right.

8. Be extra careful at intersections.

9. Move to the middle of the road before turning.

10. Signal your intentions.

On the bike, no flashing lights.

Your arms are there to indicate to other road users what you are going to do.

Here are some signals to remember and use for safe travel !

  • Turn right = extend your right arm

  • Turn left = extend your left arm

  • Signal a danger on the road (stones, holes...) = Point your finger at the ground

  • Stop = Raise your hand above your head

  • Slow down = Hold your arm down with the palm of your hand facing the ground

You are now ready for the big cities !

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