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Why is it time to include a company bike in your employees' salary package?

Have you ever heard of the company bike and its benefits for you as an employer?

Encouraging your employees to cycle is a great way to present yourself as an environmentally conscious company that cares about the mental and physical health of your team.

Here are some good reasons to start cycling in 2023!

Savings for your company

Company bicycles are 100% tax-deductible, provided they are used for work/home journeys.

As an employer, you do not have to pay tax on this benefit. The costs associated with the development of cycling infrastructure in the company are also fully deductible for the employer.

This takes into account The installation of bicycle shelters

The purchase, installation or renovation of sanitary facilities: changing rooms, showers, lockers, etc.

The purchase of company bicycles and accessories (helmets, locks, yellow vests, fonts, etc.).

Bike maintenance, purchase of tools or small repair equipment, or even the installation of a repair workshop.

Bike leasing (operational or financial)

Reduced absenteeism

In fact, the percentage of absenteeism among cyclists is lower than that observed among car drivers. 11 km/h: this is the average speed of a car in town during rush hour. Without training, a cyclist will travel at between 10 and 15 km/h. There will be less risk of delay for your two-wheeled employee than your car worker. In addition, cycling 3 kilometres, 3 days a week, reduces absenteeism by an average of one day per year per employee.

Better mental health for your team

Happy employees are far more productive than unhappy ones, and it's not traffic jams that contribute to your employees' good mood. However, cycling to work prevents a lot of stress. This daily exercise has a positive impact on your physical condition and health. By cycling 4 kilometres every morning and evening, employees improve their mood and increase their life expectancy by two and a half years.

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