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Take advantage of Cargo Days!

We're off to a great start this year, and that's saying something! If you thought the holiday season was over, you're wrong. At TreeBike, we continue to spoil you at the beginning of the year 2023.

Indeed, at the moment, when you buy a TreeBike, you will receive additional gifts such as the digital tracker + the application, the rain cover or the floor mat.

There is a model for every family. TreeBike adapts to your lifestyle. Which cargo bike do you want?

Would you rather have the FamilyBike, with a 2-seater child seat and seat belts?

The mini version of the FamilyBike, with a 2-seater seat for small children (up to 3 years old) and safety belts?

Or the BeeBike, with a 1-seat child seat and safety belt?

Book your cargo bike directly on our website.

There are many surprises to come this year, so stay tuned!

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