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A phenomenal increase in the number of cyclists in 2023

Without wishing to recall the gloomy period of the Covid-19 crisis, it was in 2020 that the people of Brussels got on their bikes en masse.

In fact, we have seen a 64% increase in the year 2020. Since the pandemic, the number of new cyclists in Brussels has continued to rise. And this evolution is set to continue over time!

The number of cyclists is counted by Brussels Mobility's counters and ProVelo's counts during rush hour. The figures are unanimous: the increase is definitely there. Several factors explain this increase: the coronavirus crisis, which has changed the habits of the population, the ecological crisis, the good weather and the improvement of the infrastructure, which has encouraged new cyclists.

But this increase extends beyond our Belgian borders. Cycling has become extremely popular worldwide, and this popularity will only increase as we move towards a fully green economy.

When we look at the top 3 countries with the most cyclists, we find, unsurprisingly, the Netherlands in first place, followed by Denmark and finally Germany in third place.

But our proud Belgium does not lose out, as it is in 9th place, with 5,200,000 bicycles counted in the country in 2022.

At TreeBike, our wish for the cities of tomorrow is to be able to make the different modes of mobility cohabit. While we welcome the increase in the number of bicycles on our roads, we believe it is essential that the infrastructure of tomorrow is increasingly adapted to multi-modal transport. To evolve in a world where all means of transport could co-exist in serenity and safety.

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