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10 good reasons to cycle to work.

Are you tired of wasting hours in traffic ? We have THE solution for you !

Why not cycle to work ?

Not inspired by the idea ?

Here are ten good reasons that should convince you :

1. To get rid of traffic jams and traffic congestion.

2. To limit your environmental footprint with a sustainable way of travelling.

3. To save money in the wake of exploding fuel prices.

4. To start the day with a breath of fresh air, to air and oxygenate your brain and improve your efficiency and concentration.

5. To turn your journeys into sports sessions, maintain your physical fitness and general health.

6. To reduce stress before and after work.

7. To replenish vitamin D and strengthen your immune system.

8. To take care of your mental well-being.

9. To save time and money on parking.

10. To limit the risk of accidents when travelling. (Yes! It's a proven fact that the death rate by car is higher than by bike)

So ? Are you ready to take the plunge ?

Need a little help ? All our bikes are equipped with electric assistance and have a large capacity! The ideal combo to carry all your stuff without overloading or exhausting yourself !

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